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Is it better to have epiretinal peel operation now or wait longer?

I was diagnosed with epiretinal membrane in both eyes in 2019. In one eye the retina has continued to thicken, creating distortions in vision which are manageable but difficult ( unable to drive comfortably, can’t see print on a lap top, difficult to read subtitles on TV) . I missed the suggested 10 month window for optimum result if operated on. Now six months on is it more dangerous to operate or to wait a d hope that brain continues to suppress worst eye and make other eye more dominant? One surgeon says operate now, another says the outcome will be worse than what I am experiencing now.
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I had an ERM in 2016.  In September 2015 I had a lot of floaters in my left eye. I had no idea what it could be and didn’t do anything about it.  Had my eyes checked in December and dr. Didn’t notice anything. My vision became more and more distorted. In April I went for a second opinion. That dr. Sent me to a ophthalmologist who after checking my eye, sent me to the retina surgeon who checked me in July and in August I had the surgery. I was 48 and probably to young to get this. My surgeon told me that if we would leave it as it was I would be blind in a couple of years. I am glad I had it done even though I had blood in my eye after that surgery and it needed removed, again through vitrectomy. Which gave me cataract and I have now an implant lens. But I am glad I did the surgery. I have now an implant lens, I wear contact lenses and I wear glasses. I would say, get the surgery done. Good luck :-)
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Mom: Thanks for your post. However, as I have said ERMs are something we see many times every day and only about 1% ever need surgery.
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There is no " ten  month window' for doing surgery.  Most ERMs are not operated on, the ones that are usually are generally years old.   As whether to operate I can't tell you as it is not possible to generalize with ERMs. You may end up getting a third opinion to break the tie.
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