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Is there a fix after cataract Surgery?
I would like to know if there is anything that can be done to get both close/intermediate vision (like a seeing a computer screen) & Intermediate to long distance vision back after having cataract surgery?
If I were to have to wear reading glasses for really up close stuff, I'd be okay with that

I had minor blurriness, before the cataract surgery and since surgery I have had such bad vision I get major headaches trying to focus. I have tried 6+ times to get a pair of glasses to no avail.

After about a month after surgery last August 2012, the doctor admitted that he put in the wrong prescription lens  then told me that I would need "mini-lasik" to fix my vision. (he didn't offer to fix the problem, or do the lasik surgery himself).

This has been extremely frustrating.

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Get a second opinion from a very experienced cataract surgeon and see what else can be done.  There are a couple of different options but the risks and benefits need to be carefully discussed with a very competent surgeon.

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