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Just got back from the LASIK MD Consult...9mm pupils

I went to the LASIK MD free consultation to see if I was a candidate for LASIK surgery (I'm 19 by the way), but not before doing quite a bit of research prior. My prescription is rather low, about 1.25 and 1.5, but of course, they took their own measurements, but did not disclose these to me. What I was able to procure, however, from my charts which were on the table, was my pupil size; the right eye being 8.9 mm and the left eye being 8.6 mm. My consultant said that they were on the large end, and he recommended custom wavefront surgery, which has a larger correcting radius, but did not dismiss normal LASIK with the manually created flap.

Right now I've been reading stories about people with large pupils having terrible night vision disturbances and higher order aberrations in the form of haloes and starbursts and the like, and am wondering if this will happen to me, given my low prescription. I also have astigmatism. Thank you
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The side effects you mentioned are much less with the more modern lasers which have a wider treatment zone.  If you have intralase for the flap portion of the surgery, the laser can be programmed to make a wider flap. Discuss the sitaution with the surgeon so you understand your personal risk of glare and halos.  If indeed your pupils are as big as you say, you would likely have some degree of halos and glare with night driving even without Lasik.
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