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Left Eye Irritation

I have been suffering from the following symptoms in my left eye for the past few years:

* Irritation and feeling that something is in my left eye. The source is primarily in the corner closest to my nose, the upper roof of the eyeball and back of the eyeball.
* Throbbing/burning sensation in same areas as noted above. It sometime feels like my eye is being squeezed.
* Left eye wanders and sometimes points out towards left rather than straight when looking straight ahead.
* When I talk, I can feel inflammation and burning in my left eye (along side of nose and upper roof of eye socket) that generally starts to get my eye wandering or pointing out towards the left side.
* Tearing. Have had periods with excessive tearing to periods now where I can feel tears or liquid in my eye ( upper and back or eye) but the liquid does not stream out. This I assume is a reaction to the irritation. Note regular tearing is fine in my left eye.
* Swelling. Noticeable swelling of eye just be feeling left and right eyes with fingers. Although, the swelling has almost disappeared in my left eye with a recent course of antibotics for sinuses.
* I have had green mucous, small amounts of blood when blowing nose, painful mucous in nose.  

I have seen 3 different eye doctors without success. Had a CT scan recently but the results "looked normal".  I was prescribed Fucithalmic eye drops by one doctor to clear up what she called a case of blepharitis. Although the drops stung like crazy it did seem to help somewhat.

Are there other tests or treatments that you recommend or suggest? I live in Canada and have been frustrated with the medical system here - time and lack of specialists/testing/equipment. It took more than 6 months to see an eye specialist.

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Hello KonaKG

Maybe you should write  Michael Moore a letter about your experience with the Canadian medical system. He film portrayed it as a model for the rest of the world.

It's hard to postulate one disease that would cause all the problems. It's likely there is more than once cause.

Quite a few Canadians come to the States for specialized care or an evaluation of an urgent problem. You could consider making an appointment at a US Medical School, department of ophthalmology  that you could drive to. If you go that route bring all the previous tests and specialist reports.

Alternately if you could be seen at a Canadian medical school for the same reason.

JCH III MD Eye Physician and Surgeon
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