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Long term correction due to central corneal abrasion.

Seven days ago, I scratched my eye while working in the garden. (Now I will always uses protective lenses of course.) The corneal abrasion was “central” in front of the pupil and I have blurry vision identical to what I used to have with astigmatism (before cataract surgery when I had implanted a toric lens.) No pain any longer, and I am using Thealoz Duo lubricating drops during the day and Thealoz Duo gel at night. ( I did have an antibiotic treatment for 3 days as well.)
1/ If after a good while, perhaps a month or so, I am still experiencing this astigmatism-like blurred vision, am I correct in thinking that most likely the cornea is permanently scarred? 2/ Is it possible or probable that LASIK or LASEK surgery could effectively deal with the change (scarring) in the cornea and correct the blurriness?
Thank you in advance, Dr Kagan.  
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Thank you again, Dr Hagan, VERY reassuring. And especially knowing the option of laser treatment down the line. (I am in no rush.) Based on your vast experience, and research, do you have a preferred brand for tears and gel?
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None at all. What I tell people: 1. There are many choices because its a common problem.  2. There are many choices because the same brand not work for everyone and no 'best' lubricant.
Many thanks
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No that would be an incorrect assumption. It  takes the cornea best case scenario 6-8 weeks to heal completely back to normal. If you develop the recurrent corneal erosion syndrome it may take much longer and require much more treatment. Not likely to leave a permanent scar on the eye. You need to stay close to your Eye MD ophthalmologist to watch central healing and check for RCE syndrome
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Thank you Dr Hagan, for your prompt and informative answer.  Reassuring to know that the healing process and hence, the blurred vision could last 6-8 weeks. My ophthalmologist here in Italy did not seem too concerned and said I could wait 4 weeks before seeing him again. Obviously assuming I have no pain. I hadn’t heard of RCE syndrome and immediately googled it. This was quite informative. https://eyewiki.aao.org/Recurrent_Corneal_Erosion
If I keep the eye well lubricated with Thealoz Duo, drops in the day and gel at night, AND don’t have pain AND have no increase in blurring, would you say I am doing all I can at this stage to promote healing and prevent RCE?  Is there anything else? Or are there more effective drops in your opinion?  Once again, Dr Hagan, many thanks from me and all your followers
Keep your eye well lubricated with gel lubricant at night and regular tears at least 4-6 times/day should prevent RCE and help the cornea epithelium heal.  Even, worse case scenario, it left a scar in the visual axis it should be able to be removed with surface laser down the line. I suspect no one would do anything for 6 months as many scars that are troublesome at 1 months as they mature become assymptomatic.
Dr Hagan, would a corneal cross-linking prior to this laser treatment beneficial in this case.
Respectfully yours
No cross-linking is for keratoconus and cornea ectasia.
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