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MRI scheduled with no symptoms?

I recently went to the eye doctor because I felt some strain when using the computer. I was given reading glasses, but the optometrist also said she was concerned that my optic disc seemed blurry in her photographs. I was then sent to an ophthalmologist at the hopsital, who took photos, did a visual fields test, and an ultrasound on my eyes. He noted that my I have "bilateral prominent optic nerve heads" and that there is "no convincing evidence of optic disc drusen." My visual fields test showed a "slightly enlarged right physiological blind spot."

I've now been sent to a neurologist for an MRI scan, but I haven't been told for what. The ophthalmologist just said I could have elevated cranial pressure. I'm terrified that he suspects a brain tumor. I have no other symptoms however, and feel completely fit and healthy. This all seems to be coming out of no where and it is terrifying. What could be wrong with me and why am I having all of these tests done when I feel fine?
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If you have been seeing the same "eye doctor" for years and he/she thinks there has been a change then this work up is important. The chances are excellent that just as the ophthalmologist told you your optic nerve is just somewhat larger than normal.  If you are farsighted this is a common cause.

So You should proceed as directed with this testing but the odds are good that this is not papilledema or a sign of a serious proglem.

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Thanks kindly for your comment. I went to the optician once when I was a teenager, but then did not go again until now (10 or so years later). As I visited a new optician, she does not have any previous records to look at. Would a larger than normal optic nerve have been apparent when I was a teenager?
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Generally yes. However optometrists and ophthalmologists differ in how excited they get over certain problems. So what one might just make a note in the chart and explain to the patient another might go full bore into a neurological evaluation.

Its a tough call sometimes

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