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Middle orbital fracture, some loss of vision, and diplopia

I got my left eye injury from the baseball 3 days ago. Right eye is OK.
Whole right eye is red and black eyelid and swollen and mild pain. No laceration.
My vision was somewhat decrease on the affected right eye and diplopia when i look to nose side. The whole right eye is red like bleeding and black eyelid.
The eye doctor recommended me to do CT where it is found to have a medial orbital fracture.
The eye doctor made the diagnosis of iridocyclitis and fracture medial wall of the right orbit.

He has prescribe eye drop containing tobramycin with dexamethasone. My fracture is small which is seen on CT. According to CT everything is OK except medial wall orbit Depressed fracture
Now the swelling is subsiding and the vision is getting better but diplopia is still there. How much time to resolve diplopia ?

The doctor has given me some eye exercise and told me to come after a week.
The doctor assured me that operation my not be needed. But i am really afraid of the future.
My question is do i need to an operation to correct it, if so when it is suitable to do operation? What is the prognosis and prospect of my right eye? Is it expensive
I'm very worried.

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1. Vision is a function of what's going on in the eye not in external. You will need to ask your eye MDs why you vision is down.
2. Some double vision does not resolves but most does. Some times takes 3-6 months for it to resolve.
3. Ask your Eye MD s about the medications.
4. Some Eye MDs ask there patients with double vision to try fusion exercises. Ask your team.
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It varies but the double vision may continue to improve for several months. If there is no muscle entrapment in the fracture the prognosis is good.
Most Eye MDs try to avoid surgery in cases like this.

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So fast reply. Keep up the good humanitarian work..

I am so happy with the answer.

Thank you so much.
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You're welcome and good luck
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My right vision is still low but better than the time of first consultation which was 0.6
Is 0.6 is too low vision or good.
The swelling has subsided around the left eye and some trace of backish discoloration is on the Left eyelid. But the Sclera of left eye is still reddish, although look like improved.
The pain is not there after antibiotic and dexamethasone eye drop but some pressure on the eye.. The eye doctor has asked to come for the consultation on this Tuesday.

The double vision has improved and there is mild double vision on the nasal lower side.
My questions are does my vision will be like normal and is 0.6 is very low vision.
Is the low vision due to destruction of nerve ? Is it reversible  ?
How much time it will take resolve the double vision ?
Should I continue the same medications?
Does eye exercise helps?

Thank you
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Thank you for the reply. With god's blessing things are getting normal i guess. I have been to the Eye MD today. After thorough examination of my right eye, the eye MD says that things are getting better day by day.

Here are the results of the examination:
R= 1.0
L= 1.2

Eye pressures
L = 15 mmHg
R= 17 mmHg

?? = 17 x 17/101 mm

He has now given me ointment tobramycin+ Dexamethasone cream and told me to apply once daily and ask me to come after 2 weeks. And told me to continue with the eye exercise. He also said that operation is not needed.

Black eye is also disappearing and the red white part is becoming white from the top.
Mild diplopia is still there. It has been 9 days and diplopia is not getting better.

Kindly let me know about the result. How is it ? Is it still worrisome ? What is fusion exercise ? I don't want to go to the hospital, thus, is there any alternative exercise you can suggest or give me URL of the exercise online.

Thank you

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i have inferior wall orbital fracture which is displaced into the maxillary sinus. It has been 17days and now my diplopia is getting better. Surgery was deferred by eye surgeon due to improvement in symptoms. I would like to know what are the indication for surgery in the future. How important are those eye exercise my eye surgeon ask me to do. will that decrease my diplopia.
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this above question I posted is for dr.hagan. I have all the info you need regarding my fracture and physical symptoms . I would like your valuable opinion. regards.
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