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My outcome after 2 vitrectomy and 2 Cataract surgeries

Hello all (me again..lol).  Let me preface to say that after one retina detachment in left eye (macula on) - followed a year to the day of 5 retina tears in right, both fixed with vitrectomy and subsequent cataract surgery - I feel VERY fortunate to have healed as good as I have.  Since the latest cataract surgery in my right eye I can see pretty well around the house without glasses.  Both eyes are good for close arm length reading, right eye is good for distance with no glasses in the house (wouldn't drive without glasses though).  I expected to be wearing glasses after all this and will have to.  Now here is my concern - after all this I have settled on the following Rx as prescribed by the cataract surgeon.  This is the opthalmologist prescription, not converted to what optometrist uses.

Right - Sphere -1.00, Cyl - +1.25, Axis 090, Add - +2.50
Left - Spere - -3.00, Cyl - +1.50, Axis 090, Add +2.50

I am concerned by the 2 diopter difference between the eyes (if I understand everything correctly).   I took this prescription to my optometrist who verified the prescription and stated that I may have an adjustment period and just at the edge of where people can adjust.  I went ahead and ordered progressive no line frame less lenses for my glasses and expect them in about a week.  I figure that at this stage I may as well give them a try, optometrist is willing to work with me on this if I can't adjust after a reasonable period.

Now through everything I have undergone in the last couple of years, when the left eye had an issue I used my glasses and my right eye did the work.  My left eye picked up similar with glasses while my latest right eye was recovering.  No issues with dizziness, double vision or anything.  One picked up for the other with little issue.  Been able to drive fine one eyed and basically carried on with life as usual.  I basically have been out of whack for the last 2 years like this.

In your much valued opinion, am I on the right track by at least trying out this new prescription?  Would you guess that a 2 week trial of this would be reasonable (like if I don't adjust by then I should go back to optometrist)?  Anything else I should pursue if I can't adjust?  I presume I will still have a few options and will pursue with optometrist and cataract surgeon if needed.  Is there harm to eyes at my age, 60, of being out of balance like this between the eyes if corrected with the glasses.

Regards, Jim

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What is the uncorrected difference in vision for each eye? My LE has an monofocal IOL that was set at 1.5 diopters difference from my non-surgical RE, both are myopic and require distance correction.
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What is your vision with these glasses on?    There is a two diopter difference between the two eyes. Probably 75% of people would adjust after a week or two so I would try them.  I have seen people adjust to 3 to 4 diopters difference between eyes. If you couldn't adjust the RX in LE would be weakened by half to one diopter and next time you change glasses half diopter added (sneaking up on full correction).  All else fails you could consider LASIK/PRK/SMILE procedure on LE.
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Mr. Presley - I should know this but I don't.

Dr. Hagan - Thank you, I am going for it.  With the prescription my right eye should be corrected to 20/20, left eye 20/30.  Good numbers if I can adjust.  I am seeing retina surgeon for 6 month followup in July.  We are monitoring ERM in left eye that he said grew a little over a year.  I not detecting any vision issues (amsler or other).  We will see where that goes.  I expect that will come into play at some point in the hopefully = distant future.
Good luck. Since VA LE is 20/30 if you have to drop a half diopter likely you won't notice it.
Got my new glasses and I am seeing very well even with the difference between the eyes.   Certainly not any worse for me  than when I have gotten new glasses in the past.  Optometrist said to give it a couple weeks an we can make the left eye lense half diopter weaker if I can't adjust.  As of now, I seem to be doing fine.  I said it before but will say it again, modern medicine and MD's such as yourself are a blessing.  Take care, Jim
oh happy day. Thanks for the report
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