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Optometrist vs Opthamologist

I didnt realize (stupidly of course) that my eye dr was an optometrist vs
an opthamologist.  I have been seeing her for four years and she says
I am a glaucoma suspect.  She does field vision tests, cornea thickness
tests, OCT and pressure checks.  Is this enough or should I look for
an opthamologist.  The reason I am a glaucoma suspect is bec my optic
nerves are enlarged even though all my other tests are good.

Thank you,
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You should ideally see a glaucoma specialist (ophthalmologist who specializes in the care of glaucoma).  They could tell you if you are a high suspect, low suspect, or if you may have glaucoma already.  Then, you could see a regular ophthalmologist regularly and go back to the specialist once in a while to make sure nothing has changed.  If you can't find one near you, you could just see a regular ophthalmologist instead but make sure they perform gonioscopy on your eyes and they have plenty of experience in treating glaucoma.

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