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PVD Floaters

Is it common to develop different types of floaters with a PVD? I have some that looks like hairs, some that look round and somewhat transparent, and finally some that look like pepper flakes. Is there any specific type of floater that would indicate a tear? Finally, is it normal to continue to develop additional floaters in the days after the initial PVD?
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I have gone through the PVD process in both eyes now at 10 to 13 months after cataract surgery. In the first eye I saw a rather large shape that looked like an engagement ring but missing the stone. I understand that may be called a Weiss ring. It was definitely associated with arc shaped flashes of light in the periphery of my vision when it is dark AND there are sources of light off to my side. Flashes of light can be a warning sign of a retina detachment, but this has not happened in my case. I have been told the flashes are from the stress of the vitreous pulling away from the retina, and while there is no light involved the retina/brain interprets the action as light. This was over two years ago, and while the ring shape has gone away and become a smaller more transparent glob it is still there and quite distracting. The flashes of light continue unabated in the dark with a light off to the side conditions. I don't know whether this is still being caused by the vitreous pulling away or if it is positive dysphotopsia sue to light reflecting off the edge of my IOL. It is puzzling that the process would continue for so long, and be so predictable. I can make the flashes appear easily at will in these specific light conditions. I have been told that this glob will eventually drop down out of sight, but that has not happened. I however have not seen any increase in smaller floaters.

The same basic think happened in my second eye about a year ago now. I did not see quite as distinct of a ring shape initially, and it is fading somewhat in size and opacity. Same light show which I can create at will.

So I don't know if that helps any, but that has been my PVD experience. It remains my most annoying outcome of cataract surgery, but there seems to be no indication it is progressing to a retinal detachment or tear.
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Floaters like people come in all sizes and shapes. Some are more ominous than others. Sudden appearance of many, many small black speck floaters is blood in the eye until ruled out by an ophthalmologist. New floaters after seeing an ophthalmologist warrant repeat exam. PVD is not an event but a process that may go on for 2 months.  If any new floaters are accompanied by flashes of light or loss of field of vision it should be treated as an emergency.  Risks of retinal detachment (RD) are higher in higly myopic, post trauma, family history of RD or RD in fellow eye and after cataract surgery.
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