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Painless Bump on Eyeball


I'm 15 and I can feel this tiny bump on my eyeball through my eyelid.  It's freaking me out, and I've been looking all over online, and I found one description that really fits what's happening to me on Yahoo! Answers: "I Have this tiny bump on my left eye ball on the top left side under the eye lid, i don't know what it is i just can feel it to high up to see it, anything to worry about?  I can't even see it i have to close my eye and roll my eye down to even feel it. its a tiny bump under the lid on the eyeball."

There's no pain or anything, but the fact that there's a bump on my eye is really worrying me!! I'm probably overreacting, but it's not cancer or anything life-threatening or something that could make me blind right?

I do have pretty bad eyesight (nearsightedness).  The bump is on my right eye, which has a droopy eyelid (it's always been like that, not a new symptom).

So basically, there's this small bump on my eyeBALL(at least I'm pretty sure it's on my eyeball, not eyelid),
and does anyone know what's happening?  I think I might be overreacting, but I feel like I'm in denial that anything could be wrong, so unless it's still there a week from now, or I start feeling pain or something, I won't say anything to my parents.  Please help me!!

Thank you for any help!!
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It is probably a chalazion.  See an ophthalmologist.

Dr. O.
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Really?  I've had them before,
but I thought they were only on the eyelid or on the waterline.
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