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Photophobia for 4 Years

I have had photophobia for the past 4 years. I have seen several eye doctors and neurologists and no one has an explanation or can help me in any way. I get after images of bright objects. It's especially bad if I have to drive at night-when I see headlights and look away, I still see them for a few seconds. I have to make sure I wear sunglasses outside-even on cloudy days. I work on computers all day and end up staring at the screen for hours on end and I wonder sometimes if this has caused my problem. I notice it gets worse if I have to do a project on the computer that requires several hoursof staring at the screen. My eyes also constantly feel dry and irritated and I have a lot of floaters(not really concerned about them,as I have had them since I was 12,and I am now 47). About once a year I get a migraine with an aura-again doctors have told me not to worry about it. This photophobia really disrupts my life and I just wish I had answers as to what is causing it and if anything can be done or this is something i wil have to deal with for the rest of my life.
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Please see an eye specialist in uveitis.

Dr. O.
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