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Please kindly give me tips to get ride of blepharitis by naturally n simply. Can u?

I feel really down and I hope someone can kindly answer me. Even having moderate myopia, but before starting blepharitis, I lived in a nice life with all day make up and contact lenses, use iPad, iPhone and drinking much coffee as I want. But, this year, I rarely wear them. First, I only have eye strain. I visited doctor. I don't know why I have eyelid inflamed. I visited doctor 2imes already (once a week). I used his eyedrops for 2weeks(opticorn n maxitrol). It just better and never clear up. So, I stop use them now. He never mentioned what kind of blepharitis do I have, he said my eye balls are ok. He don't even tell me about self care. My blepharitis started 5weeks now. I do hot compress and lid scrab 1-2times/days. I sometimes, use coconut oil, I often can see blood vessels surrounding my iris edge as well as on sclera, some mucus also come out from my eyes few times per day. I feel unwell like gritting and dry as well as after wake up. I difficult dealing with it, So these few days I feel little better by using New V.Rohto eyedrops. Now even my skin seem not well. I'm having dandurff, dry skin, itch skin often, even my face is also itch and often have red poins appear, but sometimes, it gone. I drink Royal-D in the morning and omega 3 before bedtime. I really sick of this cos Don know when will it clear up. How long will it get under control and how long I can back to contact lense again.
I feel really down now since I gain lot of weight and skin lines cos of my pregnancy, having moderate myopia that not yet stable, n high IOP (20, 19). now I cannot use any make up and contact lense even on party, I want to do reflective surgery in the future. But, I search through online and can see that blepharitis is complicated and can cause a lot of eyes problems such as dry eyes, abnormal blood vessels growth in the corneal, corneal ulcer, conjuntiva problems and else. I want to let my life go cos of this very often, but I can't cos I need to find a job some months later for my daughters' future. Now I feel I dying alive. How sad. :'(
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T_T sir, u are always no comment about my post. I didn't have bad intention to post here. I want some tips about my conditions. Hope u can give me some tips.
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Update: I also have some skin problems before. And catch a cool easily recently.
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