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Pupil is dilated, has no response to light

I got in a competitive slap boxing fight against my friend on Sunday night.  I had a bit of blood on my iris(the colored part)  On Wednesday I went to pediatrician and he refereed me to eye specialist.  I was told the place where my eye fluids come and go is damaged and could scar.  IF it scared I was told my eye pressure wont return the same and my eye wont dilate as normal.  And if it doesn;t theres a chance it still might look unusual.  I wasnt diagnosed with anything but when they used the lights, my left eye was unresponsive.  Also she said there was blood still within my eye. I still have 20/20 vision and was worrying about looking unusual for the rest of my life.  The eye was red and now it is gotten a lot better since the eye drops.  I was given Cyclopentolate hydochloride to take at night to relax my eye muscle and also tobramycin and dexametjasame ophthalmic suspension.  Honestly I'm just looking for hope on whether or not my eye will make a complete recovery.  The pain is a lot less severe.  Also if my eye is stuck like this, what options are there to try to correct it.  Its currently very dilated and sensitive to the sun
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Also the doctor told me my left eye pressure was 5 and then when redid by the nurse, it was 6.  idk if that has anything to do with anything but my doctor told me i should get annually checked for glaucoma
oh and they said i had a micro hemmorage or something i cant really remember
Okay learn from this and stop doing stupid stuff. There is no way to tell if you eye will make a full recovery but the chances are good. This type of injury can cause glaucoma, loss of sight, cataracts, retinal detachment, and pupil that not work.  Only time will tell. Your eye pressure is very low so the back of you eye needs checked carefully as a problem called “choroidal hemorrhage and detachment can cause low IOP.  
Okay.  Thanks doc you really raised my spirits.  Is there anything to do to prevent scars/ help speed up the process ?
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That is what the drops are for. Be sure you are under the scare of an Eye MD ophthalmologist.
The vision in my left eye is a bit blurry after waking up this morning.  The next apointment is friday.  Praying that its the eye drops and not my loss of vision
Will use of my computer(monitors) hurt my eyes while they're recovering ?  The sunlight is very bright outside and i dont really know how to stay entertained.  Im sorry for bothering you so much I just wanna make sure im doing everything possible for a speedy recovery
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You need to ask your Eye MD. I do not like my patients with hyphema reading or using a computer for 7-10 days and there is no further bleeding.
I got referred to a different caremount facility which has "seen more trauma.  In response to when you said I could have detachment/choroidal hemmorrhage, she checked my peripherals and I came up good.  She told me the assistant my pressure being low was normal and never spoke about it again.  Should i try to get my appointment moved closer ?  8/10/18 is the appointment and im just so paranoid something is wrong.  Again, thank you for your time I appreciate all of the help
At this point I would just keep that appointment if your symptoms are the same or better.  The IOP is low but it's possible they may use an instrument that reads low (the same as blood pressure varies whether using arm or wrist pressure cuff).  
Seen another doctor today.  She told me my eye healed to "perfect anatomy" and said my eye will most likely go back to normal.  
Oh happy day.  Do have an annual eye exam by an Eye MD and always them them of this eye trauma and the bleeding in the eye.
Ill ask my md in three weeks if annual checkups will be needed.  Waiting on the dilation drops to lose effect, will update on how things go.
Been a week since I stopped taking these drops.  I can see a little more blue than before but it's not much.  Haven't noticed any major change in a couple days.  
May be several months before you will know. Remember it may not return to it's normal size or movement. that is called permanent traumatic iridoplegia.
Yeah the movement is completely normal its just the pupil is a little big.  Its weird because before i used the dilation drops it wasnt even this big, just irregular shaped and non responsive.  
Hope it makes a full recovery like the rest of the eye.   Protect your eye from another injury.
Sorry for bothering you on this thread so much but good news, the pupil is now responsive to light.  It isnt on par with the other pupil but it can be a lot smaller than before.
Good 6 months post injury is the usual benchmark for 'permanent'
I read somewhere that blue eyes take longer to go back to normal after dilation.  After taking the dilation drops for over a week, Is it possible that my eyes are still being affected by those ?  
Yes blue/gray/green stay dilated longer.  Depends on what drop you were using. Homatropine and atropine can take several weeks to wear off.
Cyclopentolate Hydrochloride Ophthalmic solution 2% 2ml
Well ill be honest some times my eyes feel like they're being strained, especially when im looking at my pupils in the mirror/shining a light in them.  Starting to think its my eye muscles that were damaged and maybe they just need time to recover. which explains the gradual healing.
Cyclo generally wears off in less than 2 weeks even in blue/green eyes. If the pupil is damaged the eye doesn't focus as well through a larger pupil and sometimes the focus muscle is injured also
Two days marks the two week point.  Starting to get a little worried.
time will tell. Signing off unless something major happens
I started to develop a headache when im outside for long enough.  I have an appointment in about 10 days is this worth contacting my md early ?  Also when im outside my pupils are basically the same size but when inside the left eye is still dilated more.  Good news ?
joshdemskie: I've said all I can say. No more comments.
For reference for your future and diagnose in other online patients, my eye doc told me since there is a little scar it might not go back to normal only time will tell.  Will update and comment in three months, good bye
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