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Recent Cataract Surgery Concerns

Recently, I had an IOL for distance placed in my left eye. Surgery went well with one major concern. My surgeon never discussed focal length with me even though on first appointment I was told it would be discussed later. While on the gurney for surgery I finally brought it up and he said it was a monofocal for distance. (discussion and questions followed). I am disabled and my world revolves around my desk here in my home with a radius of 4 feet or less (95% of waking hours). I drive maybe 1% of the time.  When I, after surgery contacted the doctor he said he defaulted to distance because I am diabetic. He never discussed that with me. My bother's doctor says focal length should not matter due to diabetes. My retinas are in great shape. Why was I not consulted regarding focal length? I am just very upset now and am wondering about an "IOL Exchange" operation which I guess I will have to pay for. I apologize for the length of this 'question'. Thank you.
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The focal length is not the main question here.  The question is why didn't your surgeon discuss with you choosing distance vs. near vision.  It might depend on what the prescription is in the other eye (nearsighted or farsighted) to begin with.  Should have been discussed.  Normally, it is not worth the risk of surgery to do the exchange.  You could wear a pair of glasses for near and intermediate work and take them off for the distance.

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