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Recurrence of myopic CNV

Good evening sirs and MA's
Am 19 yrs old.I was diagnosed with myopic CNV in the left eye in 2016.I was injected with lucentis and the hemorrhage went down
This year,on the right eye,I saw something similar on the right eye in march.I took Avastin at the same hospital in March and April.The hemorrhage was already going and my sight was improving until Sunday this week when I saw a new hemorrhage/scotoma in that same eye.....I was to take the third dosw of avastin on Monday (and have taken it)
But am not happy with the recurrence of the cnv....Pls may I know the cause of this recurrence.?
And pls what can I do(diet,tips to help) to prevent further reappearances?
I use a -16.5D glasses
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Myopic "wet" (exudative) macular degeneration, like age related 'wet' macular degeneration reoccurs very frequently.  There is a protocol that is used called "treat and extend" that most retina surgeons use. So inject Avastin and in several seek repeat macular OCT looking for persistence of NV then re-injection and repeat placing the injections further and further apart until the macula is "dry" and no further injections are needed. Most people need 5-12 injections in the same eye. Most need to be checked at least every 3 months for many years.    So keep treating it till dry and then watch very carefully.    As far as diet main thing is don't smoke or us tobacco or nicotine or cannabis  in any form.  Don't get obese, eat a good diet,
Thank you for the reply Sir.
But Sir its been saddening for me as am still in the University and we even just resumed a semester. This vision problems are really not making me happy as I can't really read the lecture board well.
At my age for this kind of thing to be happening is very painful to hear.
Sir please is Contact lenses advisable to use after the treatment is done
It is a very serious and very depressing problem. If you have problems dealing with anxiety and depression please consider seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you deal with the mental aspects.  Because you are so nearsighted you will see better with contacts than glasses because the  image is larger.  You will need to get clearance from the retina surgeon before wearing contacts.
Thank you Sir
God bless
Sir pls any idea of how many months I might need before recovering full eyesight(20/20)
Even your surgeon does not know if, or when, you might recover good vision. I'm very sorry but it is a serious problem with an uncertain prognosis.
Thank you Sir.
But concerning the contacts.
Will it be advantageous for me because of the very strong prescription and will it protect from UV
Your vision will be much better with contacts because you are so myopic. The image is much larger with contacts because your strong glasses make everything look smaller. You would need to get permission from your surgeon to try contact lens.  I don't think contacts lens have UV blocker on them but outside you can wear a hat and non prescription sunglasses with UV blocker lens.
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