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Repeat Chalazion ( or Stye)

My daughter is 4 and has already had 3 surgeries to remove what our doctor calls chalazions. After her last surgery the bump  under eye was back in less than a week. We are so frustrated and don't know what to do next. She is so young and beautiful she shouldn't have to go through this operation again. Our doctor says he doesn't have faith in the drops or ointments, but I did talk him to prescribing her an oral antibiotic to try. I am desperate for answers. I don't know why these keep coming back and wonder if she will ever grow out of this. He did tell us that if the oral antibiotic didn't work that we could try the steroid injuction. What do you think.
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this is what I tell parents...

#1 eliminate immediately all high fructose corn syrup from her diet, now and forever
#2 order a "bleph pak" from the Dry Eye Store (www.dryeyestore.com) and use it twice a day - it comes with instructions
#3 a 60 day course of low-dose oral erythromycin can be helpful - dosing should be at the very lowest range, based on weight - oral antibiotics 'for infection' like amoxicillin or cipro are not helpful - the erythromycin works by loosening up the secretions of the eye lid oil glands
#4 TobraDex ointment (spelled exactly that way) rubbed into the eyelashes and along the edge of the eyelids at bedtime for 3 weeks can "break" a stye cycle but it is a potent medication with side effects and cannot be used ad lib

Education yourself by searching "chalazion" and "meibomian gland" and "blepharitis".
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