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Restasis are Side Effects Throat Pain/Infection

To Dr. Michael J Kutryb:

Does the eye drop Restasis possibly cause throat pain or infection because the eyes drain into the sinuses and then into the throat.  I had a culture done because of throat pain and infection, it was negative.  This started up a month or so after using the drug Restasis (cyclosporine) for dry eyes.  I have had cataract surgery and I'm 56 years old.  The infection is only on one side of my throat.  My Internal Doctor isn't familiar with Restasis.  I'm going to visit my eye doctor in a few days.  I'm currently on antibiotics and I'm using a nasal spray for my sinuses (from my Internal Doctor).  I really don't want to have to use other medication for the entire time I use Restasis.  How long so most people have to use Restasis for dry eyes?  My sister-in-law said her doctor told her for the rest of your life.  I was also told that cataract surgery involves a small amount of injury to the nerves that have to do with the lipid layer forming in your eyes.

Thank you
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I don't relate the restasis to your sore throat but I recommend you stop it for several weeks to see if it makes a difference. It is a helpful med but certainly not important enough to cause you this worry.  I find it works best after 6 or 12 months and after that it can be continued, reduced or stopped according to your symptoms.  Don't feel like you have to take it.  After the cataract surgery, I find that dry eyes are usually aggrevated chiefly by the betadine prep, and antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops. The surgery itself is usually not the cause.  I take great pains to make a special plan for these type of patients BEFORE the surgery - to keep my patients happy.

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