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Restor/Rezoom Combo Report

This is a thank you for the help received from this forum 3 years ago. Most postings are about problems and I wanted to put a positive posting in.

Just finished a follow up exam after cataract surgery in both eyes. 3 years ago I had a Rezoom iol put in my right eye and last year a Restore in the left eye.

I am 65 now and attribute the cataracts to 25 years of skippering a small sail boat with photo-grey lenses. I had a -2.00 correction in each eye and a .75 astigmtism correction in one eye.

After a year - with no problems along the way - I was 20/20 in both eyes at distance.  At medium light levels I am J3 in the Rezoom eye and J1 in the Restor eye. At lower light levels, say at night in the bedroom, it is reversed - J1 in the Rezoom and J3 in the Restore. At the lower light levels the pupil opens enough to use the outer ring of the Rezoom eye. There is no astigimism in either eye, and no additional work was done to correct it or the vision.

I have a donut hole for vision at 20" to 4' - which is my computer distance on my desktop. A +1.25 lens works great. Same for board games.

The combo of the 2 lenses has  worked well for me. My surgeon suggested this combo. When I did the Internet research, it first papers had just been released with this recommendation and I went through these forums.

Thank you for the forums and good luck with your eyes.

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Dear Colin80,

Thank you for the feedback.  You have benefited from technological advances in surgeries and implants as well as the information you found online.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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