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Restor multifocal lens explant complications

Anyone out there with Restor multifocal lens problems ?  Had Restor implanted in Rt eye on Dec.4th 2009 and Restor implanted in the left eye on Dec. 18th.  Vision did not clear up at any distance in either eye and vision was distorted.  Vision remained at 20/50 in each eye.  Surgeon told me that these lenses sometimes do not work and that I should have them explanted and replaced with monofocals.  On Jan 29th, 2010 they explanted the right eye Restor.  It was already stuck so the surgeon had to cut it out leaving the haptics behind in my eye.  The only lens they could then use was called a Staar monofocal because of it's larger size.  Surgeon thought that by doing the explant my vision would improve greatly and that the distortion would be gone.
After the explant surgery the distortion was still there and my vision is still blurry at 20/50.  Three days after the surgery I suddenly began seeing spinning shadows in my periferal vision which was examined and doctor could find no reason for it.  Retina was fine and they said they had never heard of such a thing in all of their 20 years of practice.  When I had cataracts my vision was 20/50 in each eye; but would have been corrected by the surgery.  Now it seems that I will have this bad vision permanently.  The right eye is now compromised from surgery.  I was supposed to have the left eye explant one week after the right one but the complication has stopped me in my tracks for fear of having both eyes in trouble.
I am getting some other opinions now.  They all say so far that my original surgeon has done a great job.  But they are concerned for the condition of the rt eye and say not do dare do any further surgery before giving this further testing and more time.  They are trying to find out what the reason for my blurry vision and distortion is.
My second opinion Doctor (who actually speaks to me and explains things), has sent me for a complete retinal retesting which came out fine.  The retinal specialist told me that part of the problem with the restor eye is that not enough light gets into the eye for good vision and that multifocals never do as well as a good monofocal.  Wish the first sergeon had been that honest with me.  Have had an MRI of the brain(from first surgeon after spinning shadows in periferal), and will next be seen by a corneal specialist.  Anyone have any info or experience with any of these issues ?

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I am going thru a similar situation.  How are you doing now (June 2014)?
I can't seem to find any new postings.  Anyone else out there have an
explant?  If so, please advise.  Did your original surgeon do the explant.
Is there an Explant Specialist?  I've gone for three second opinions, all refer me back to my original surgeon. I get the feeling no one wants to get involved. My original surgeon has recommended doing a lens exchange for the standard lens. I'm scared!  What if it's not successful.  I would like the best possible surgeon to do the explant. (Chicago area)
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