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Results of glaucoma testing

My son recently got back from a glaucoma specialist testing. He's 21, both corneas thickness of 600-610. Pressure on goldmann 16 both eyes. Passed visual field test. his doctor persisted he's 100% okay, but said one of his optic nerves is thinner than the average expectancy, this is only partly in his left eye. But said it's of no concern and to come back in a year, and to not become paranoid (like i am). What does this mean, was she correct?

we originally went there because a optometrist measured pressures of 24 both eyes on a puff test (pen). She said it isn't anything because of thickness of cornea/instrument used. but I needed to see a REAL MD to know.
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Unless you come from a family rife with multi-generational glaucoma I don't think you have anything to worry about. The Puff Tonometer is not as accurate as a Goldman applanating tonometer and if you son was squeezing that could have raised the IOP. His corneas are thicker than normal, that is a good thing.  thick corneas get less glaucoma than thin corneas and the Goldman tonometer over-reads the IOP probably  3-4 points. Other than a yearly exam with an opthalmologist and one special glaucoma test (either visual field or never fiber layer OCT) I don't think anything else is needed and the chance of glaucoma at 21 probably less than one in 500-1000
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Thankyou... and no, even going back 4 generations, nobody has glaucoma. Thankyou, this reassures me alot. Yes the OCT was done, I'm assuming that's what picked up the nerves.
Thankyou, this is good to hear. Yes I will make sure to meet the follow up in a year, and repeat all the testings, I'm assuming the OCT is what picked up the nerves originally.
Sorry, accidently wrote two responses as first one didn't register. I see now it did :)
Happy to help
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