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Rust in the eye

  My husband has had two instances in the last several months in
  which he got tiny metal slivers in his eye
  from working with grinding metal at his work.
  (despite wearing eye protection). He is blind since childhood in
  one eye already and these two injuries are to his seeing eye.
  The first one was removed at Er but they sent him to Opthomologist
  to be careful and more rust was seen and removed. His second injury was yesterday
  and he is being treated in Er only. My question is what is "rust" and can
  is " rust", and is each injury a risk to his vision. Should he think about
  doing a different type of work, so as not to damage this eye any further??
  Thank you.
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rust is what it sounds like, the same rust that you get on your car is often left behind
in the cornea after a metallic foreign body is removed- and it often needs to be removed less
it causes a visual disturbance.  he needs to at least wear polycarbonate safety glasses with no gaps, and he should be seen by an ophthalmologist asap

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