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Scarring in my eye due to Conjunctivitis

Hi. Before I go on, I've already posted on here twice and have some very useful advice so thanks to all those who contributed.

So 7 weeks ago, I had viral conjunctivitis. An extremely bad case of it.

Today, I went to see an eye doctor as my eyes were still slightly red in the corners and when you pulled the eyelid down. There has been no discharge for for at least 4 weeks now.

The doctor was very reassuring, examined my eyes with equipment and told me it was extremely unlikely I still had an infection. She said the slight redness is being caused by scarring because the bout of conjunctivitis I had a few weeks ago was so bad. Depending on how my body reacts, it could clear in a few months or I could have it for the rest of my life.

She said she wouldn't prescribe me Steroid eyedrops as it could make the redness worse. Instead she prescribed me "LacriLube" Ointment which has no real medicine in it, its just designed to soothe the eyes as I understand.

Fine. But obviously I'm on here for further/second opinions. It seems clear my eyes are no longer infected and there's a possibility the corner of my eyes could be slightly red for the rest of my life - which I'm fine with as its not too noticeable. However is there anything I can do to get rid of it? Should I have pushed the doctor for steroid eyedrops?

Or should I just take her word and leave it as it is?

Thank you again, everyone!
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You could go either way with the steroid argument.  Using a mild steroid for about a week should have no negative consequences so I don't see how it would hurt (unless you had a case of herpes keratitis).  Using the ointment otherwise seems like an appropriate management.

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