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Severe Pain BEHIND one eye

  I am 36 year-old female, in very good health but experiencing
  episodes of severe pain behind my left eye. Every other day I
  experience sharp pain flashes in my left temple and behind
  my left eye.  But my eye began twitching violently and  
  In the past few months, the problem has become severe with 1-2 day
  "attacks" or headaches stemming from the left eye; it always feels
  like there's pressure behind my eye and the pain is very sharp.
  My left eye does swell with extreme episodes or aggravation.
  I have no vision problems whatsoever.
  My optometrist and neurologist have ruled out allergies, TMJ,
  glaucoma,brain tumors,cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc.  After
  six weeks of a high dosage on a calcium channel blocker with
  increased episodes, my doctor says my problem can't be migraine
  or cluster headaches.  He's trying me on 120mg/day of propranolol
  now and I can't touch ANY other medication.  What's left?  I am
  at my wits end with the constant pain and it's interfering
  greatly with my life - I have 3 kids and a stressful FT job that
  need me.  By the way they did an orbital cut on the MRI with no
  results.  Any ideas to explore would be appreciated -  Thank You!!!!!!!!
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It seems like you have had an extensive evaluation.  You have already seen a neurologist.  I would have recommended this.  If you have seen only an optometrist and not an ophthalmologist, I would advise you see an ophthalmologist.  If a general ophthalmogist does not find anything, a neuro-ophthalmologist may be helpful.
It is a good sign that the MRI was normal.
I am not sure what you mean by eye twitching but it is not unusual for the eyelids to twitch, especially the upper lids.  This can also be associated with stress and caffeine use.
I cannot be any more specific without examining you.
This information is provided for educational purposes only.  For diagnostic and treatment options, see your physician.

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