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Severe seasonal eye problem

I am 20 years old ,i have this problem that no doctor could solve. please help me....please

Eye Discharge during sleeping at the night,
Red eye (mornings not severe, evenings worse)
Eye itching (like sand attached to the inside of top eye lid)
100% Seasonal (from around March 1 till October 1, on summer symptoms becomes stronger)
General constant Eye pain (Mornings not very strong evenings stronger)
Severe light sensitivity all year round, and worse during March 1 till October 1
Worse when sun comes out, better when the day Is cloudy
Eyes are overall sensitive but the skin of the eye lid is over sensitive  
I have dry eye, all year round but I use Systane eye drops and it works fine but only for dryness!
Problem becomes worse and worse every year, it is the 8th year already

What I did.
Checked for general allergies around 30 allergies, no allergies at all
Use Systane eye drops only sometimes just for eye dryness
Used many drugs for  seasonal allergy, not helping really

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Please see answer above.
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