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Should I get this Rx filled?

I'm a 70 year old woman.  About 15 years ago I had lasix surgery to correct my extreme nearsightedness.  One eye was corrected for close work, the other for distance.  Eventually I needed glasses with a  little correction  for night driving and close work. I have been happy with my glasses.  Last month I went to have an annual eye checkup.  The doctor said that the glasses were fine, except that he would increase the correction for reading a little and that the  next time I get new glasses I should get this new prescription. I compared the old and new Rx.  The two-year old prescription for the old glasses is

OD +1.25 -1.00   129
OS -.75  -.75   073
The new prescription is
OD -0.25+0.75 045
OS -1.50 +1.00 170
If I don't need new glasses right away, I'm fine with that, but these two Rx look so different that I'm confused. Are these two Rx  as different as they look to me?
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No they are slightly different.  One is in minus cylinder notation and the other is in plus cylinder notation.

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