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Sparkles in Vision

For the last few months I've had very noticeable "sparkles" in my vision.  When I look at something bright, such as the sky or even just a lamp, and then look away again, there are a bunch (maybe hundreds) of little specks of light that look like glitter right in the center of my vision.  They last about a second or two and then go away, but if I look at the light and away again it happens all over again.  It will happen over and over if I keep looking at something bright.  If I'm looking at something relatively small, like out a window or at a light, the sparkles seem to take the shape of whatever I've looked at, but if I'm outside in bright light often times they will appear in most or all of my field of vision.  I also have floaters (both the clearish ones and black ones).  Further, I've had migraines before (once accompanied with an "aura") and these sparkles are not like migraines.  They happen all the time and are not accompanied by a headache.  I've heard of visual snow and I don't think this is it, but maybe...

I saw an optometrist about a month ago and tried to tell him about the sparkles.  He dilated my eyes and looked at my retina, couldn't see any problems and basically said that it must be "normal."  I'm not really sure why it would be something normal since I've never had it before.  The last few days I've been experiencing some eye pain, but it could just be a symptom of anxiety since I do tend to worry about things once they start bothering me.

Is there any eye disease or eye condition that could be causing these sparkles? If it is something normal, why do my eyes do it?  I'm 21 years old, nearsighted (though not extremely), and in good health.
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Likely an afterimage phenomenon.  You should see a retina specialist and not an optometrist to be sure.  99% they will tell you everything is normal.  Also, stop looking at such bright objects if you don't have to.  It doesn't help your anxiety much and serves no purpose.

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