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Sporadic tears

Yesterday, I was running at night and was hit with a loose branch. I happened to be looking downwards when it happened, so it felt as though my eye lid was scratched. There is a slight amount of discomfort to my eye, however, no redness or blurry vision. It still felt the same this morning, but nothing of concern.

However, this afternoon my eye began to start tearing up, sporadically. It has probably done this a dozen times- constant tears for 2 minutes or so, but then nothing for hours. I was inquiring whether this is a concern and/or if medical attention is necessary. I do not want to be a hypochondriac, especially since I do not have health insurance. I would appreciate advice on over the counter eye drops, other recommendations, etc.
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It is possible that the branch did hit the eye, and you may have an abrasion (scratch) of the cornea or conjunctiva.  These usually heal quickly, but a linear abrasion of the cornea could result in recurrent erosion syndrome.  You might try Muro-128 ointment at bedtime; this is available over the counter.  If your symptoms do not resolve or in fact worsen, it is imperative that you see an ophthalmologist to be sure that there is no infection of the cornea.
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