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Strange Symptoms - Progressively Worse Over the Years..

Over the past 5 years I have been having some strange symptoms, that have added to themselves and became worse as time when on. It is possible to have symptoms of vertigo, confusion, memory-loss, balence problems, lack of stimulation, and headaches due in part to your eyesight? I believe I am near sighted and somewhat far sided (they switch). I am having trouble concentrating while driving..It's not ADD but my eyes get tired from staring too long at something. I have been to my normal doctor and have had many blood tests done to confirm all but nothing wrong with me. The last eye doctor I went to was over two years ago, and he said I had very little problems with my eyes...so little that they do not make contacts in the strength that I needed. I just feel so weak and confused.
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Your symptoms do certainly seem to be more than just eyes. I would make a careful list of all your symptoms and discuss in detail with your doctor. I would start at a GP, but make sure to bring in the list and explain how it affects your life. (I forget stuff when I am at a doctor, a list helps me know I am giving all the information needed.)
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The symptoms you list would NOT be due to eyes or glasses or contacts. You should see a neurologist or neuroophthalmologist (find one at www.aao.org).

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