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Toric Lens for distance only giving intermediate vision

I recently had cataract surgery and had a Toric lens put in for distance-knowing I would need reading glasses for other activities.   After surgery there is NO correction for distance.  Instead I have clear intermediate vision.   I can see clearly from about 1 foot- 6 feet.   I do have astigmatism- that's why the Toric lens.     I'm wondering if the doctor ordered the wrong correction- or does it have something to do with the shape of my eye, etc.   I'm very frustrated and disappointed.    Now I have to get new glasses for distance and reading- in addition to the cost of the lens.
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For optical purposes "distance" is 20 ft/ 6 meters or farther.   If the IOL put in your eye 'nailed it'  then you would not need glasses for anything further than 20 ft. However you would need glasses to read,  a different set for computer use, likely another for distances like 10-15 feet TV.  Thus you would rather than 2-3 different pair you would have glasses RX of Plano R&L plus 3 add in progressive/no line form.     the formula for determining IOL power are not 100% exact. the general error is plus/minus 0.50 diopter. For very long, very short or very astigmatic eyes the error is larger.  If you are totally unhappy it should be possible to do a cornea refractive surgery like LASIK to improve your distance vision at 20 ft or further. You would however no longer be able to see clearly from 1-6 feet as you are now and you would still have to get glasses. Most people would be very happy with the result you have had.
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Thank you Dr. Hagan
    I am trying to be positive with my outcome.    Will my optometrist be able to prescribe for me glasses for both distance and reading- leaving the intermediate distance alone since it has now been corrected?
    I know they say to wait 4-6 weeks to get glasses.  However right now I can't drive- and I feel like I am straining my eyes every time I look out the window.
If you have worn progressive/no line type glasses in the past that would be the best choice. You will still have good vision in the areas you do now with the glasses one or off.  The  glasses will make distant vision good and very close good assuming your eye has no other problem and can be refracted with glasses to 20/20.
When I had my right eye toric  lens put in I received a card with the correction on it.  It
    says :Diopter +20.0D SE 3.75 CYL
  I'm not sure what all this means- however I always thought a + meant farsighted and I am nearsighted.    Is this the reason  I am seeing intermediate vision instead of distance vision?    Can you explain this to me? Thank you
A IOL power does not say anything about whether the person is farsighted, near-sighted or their glasses RX.   There are several formula based on tests done before surgery of the radius of curviature of the cornea, the axial length of the eye, the depth of anterior chamber, a constant based on the IOL and modified by the surgeons previous results that is used and IOL power changes based also on the desired post operative refractive error.
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