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Using expired Atropine Sulphate eyedrops


I'm wondering if I could still use some of my expired Atropine Sulphate eyedrops? I've got this perscribed by my doctor in 2011 when I had accomodationspasms, but since yesterday it feels like my eyes are having the same problem again...So I wanted to use some of my drops to prevent it from becoming worse, but I noticed that the label was saying 'Do not use after 10-2013' and they are already opened and used since 2011...

I already called the doctor's office but they say my doctor is off untill next Thursday, and I'm sure it will get worse everyday....So I was wondering if I could still use the drops?
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It is not worth taking a chance with drops which are so out of date.  They are likely still effective, but we can't be sure that they are still sterile.  Ask your doctor's office to call in a new prescription to the pharmacy for you.  Remember that atropine will interfere with your reading ability, and keep your pupil dilated for 7-10 days.
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