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Vision is slightly blurry in left eye
Hi - I have noticed about a month ago that when I close my right eye and look out of my left eye only things are a little blurry. The reason I noticed this was because I was having some problems with some numb feelings in my left arm and leg acompanied by some dizzy spells and it was scarring me. I made an appointment with my doctor and he gave me a physical exam to make sure my left side was strong as my right and that i didnt lose any sensation - the physical exam went fine. As a percaustion he sent me for a brain ct scan - which also came back fine. After confiring again with my general doctor he tried to reassure me this is nothing to be too worried about and he felt i may have a piched nerve in me left side of the neck (cause my neck is a little tender). After being reassured by the doctor I no longer get the dizzy spells but still the minor numbness a sligh blur in my left eye. I went to the eyedoctor for a full check up and she told me that even though there may be a slight blur i have 20/15 vision. My questions are do most people have weaker vision in one eye - also is it possible the left eye seems a little blurry just beacuse my right eye is very sharp? I mean i can still read my computer monitor and eye chart with my left but it is just not as clear as my right - is this a cause for concern?
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This is a good question.  The basic issue here is can an eye still have some type of problem even though it sees 20/20 or better.  The answer is yes - there could still be some subtle problem particularly with the optic nerve or retina.  I deal with cases like this sometimes and it may take a computerized visual field test or OCT of macula to find certain mild conditions.  The good news is that the eye still seems to be doing fairly well overall and you don't appear to have a serious vision threatening condition.  I suggest you have a full exam with an ophthalmologist if you haven't already.  Good Luck.

Michael Kutryb, MD
Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
Kutryb Eye Institute
Titusville, FL
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