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Visudyne treatment for pilot with 3rd CSR episode

I am a professional pilot with CSR in one eye.  

1st episode 2005 - Resolved on it's own after 6 months. Focal vision never very good after that although could read 20/20-1 on the charts.
2nd episode 2007 - Resolved on it's own after 3 months
3rd episode began Oct 2010-present - received Avastin injection in Oct and with no improvement or reduction in swelling.

My opthalmologist asked me to consider Visudyne PDT.  I only have about a month or two to get back to 20/20 or I will probably lose my flying position and a significant loss of income so I need to make a decision soon.  However, I am reluctant to do anything that may cause further or permanent vision loss.  Do you believe there is a risk of long term side effects from the PDT? CNV? Macular degeneration? A restriction of blood flow to the retina?  Any risk to the good eye?  
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I do not have any personal experience with Visudyne PDT.  I know this is recommended for CSR.

Dr. O.
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