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Whitehead in lower eyelash line

For the past few months, I have been getting one single whitehead/pimple on my lower lash line; it comes as goes as it pleases. The whitehead is extremely tiny and makes the area under my eye a little swollen. It is not too noticible, I have to ask someone if one eye looks more swollen than the other, and after about 15 seconds of staring at it, they pick the eye with the whitehead. It makes my lower lid sore, and it hurts to blink. The pain is not unbareable, it is just annoying.

Any ideas?
Thanks for reading!
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You may have a clogged meibomian gland and you might want to try daily warm compresses to keep those glands open.  Please try to avoid having people poke the area as you could get an infection or other injury possibly.  Please see an ophthalmologist who may be able to give you some more tips on treatment and prevention.

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