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Why does one of my eyelids hang down more than the other?

My left eyelid has been hanging a lot more than my right one for about a year.

It does not block my vision but it hangs just above the pupil so I'm afraid that if it gets worse it will block some vision.

I'm wondering why this has happened (I'm 21 and have only suffered from this for about a year). I haven't been through anything that would have caused this that I know of.

Some information that might be useful: I wear contact lenses almost everyday and have been for 6+ years.
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A droopy eyelid is called "Ptosis".  The most common cause is age. At 21 that is obviously not your cause.  Ptosis in a young person requires and evaluation by an Eye MD ophthalmologist. NOTE: contact lens wear can cause ptosis.  You should see an Eye MD wearing your glasses not your contacts. The eye MD must examine your eye lid before the techs put any drops in VIP. No drops till Eye MD looks at me lid. Also take in some good facial photos take several years ago that show you did not have the problem at that time.  A young person can develop Horner''s Syndrome that is associated with a droopy eyelid and a pupil smaller than the other side. That must be measured also.
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