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Wrong diagnosis

I have been to two different eye doctors because of my red eyes. I told them That i used a lot of naphazoline eyedrops and i am worried that i have rebound hyperemia. They both said that my eyes were red because i have Allergies, they both put me on steroid eyedrops but without any results. I did an allergy test and i am only allergic to pollen but that was not someting new. Its winter so this should not give problems in THE winter. So my question is, is it possible that both doctors are wrong. And that i have rebound hyperemia or ocular rosacea. My eyes are not red all THE time, yesterday my eyes were fine all day long but then i wAlked in à store with brite fluorescent lights and my eyes turned red and felt really dry.
Ps i am à 24 year old male with dark blond hair ,blue eyes and light skin from belgium. I dont have any symptomes of facial rosacea.
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The hallmark of eye allergy is itching. You didn't mention itching, so I bet you don't have allergy. I would stay away from the naphazoline drops. Recommend preservative free artificial tears, lots of omegas, some baby shampoo to your eyelashes while in the shower...this should help over time because you are probably having dry eyes or some type of eyelid rosacea. Good luck.
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