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YAG capsulotomy

Dear Doctor,
I have been hesitating to be treated with Yag laser capsulotomy for my right eye after cataract surgery due to some fears. I would be grateful for the clarification of the following questions.
1) If there is a problem with IOL lens (like dislocation), can IOL be extracted and replaced with new lens after having Yag laser capsulotomy ?
3) Without posterior capsule to hold the IOL in place, is there danger of dislocation of IOL or vitreous fluid flow to the anterior part of the eye or any other dangers? If so, what will happen to the eye and vision?
Thanks in advance.
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1) YES
2) There are always risks with any surgical procedure and the benefits should outweigh these risks to proceed.  The risks with YAG Capsulotomy are very low though so if your vision is compromised, you should consider proceeding after discussing all the potential side effects and how they would be treated with your surgeon.  Since this is a bit personalized depending on your eye exam you should discuss this with your surgeon.  I think the risk of lens dislocation or vitreous comming forward through the capsulotomy is very small (<1% in my experience) so you have to take that into account.

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