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blood behind the retina

My mother has been diagnosed with bleeding behind the retina for 12 weeks now. She is getting shots every 6 weeks
to help with the bleeding. The situation is getting worse. She is unable to see at all , and she sees what she describes as lights going around. She is due for another shot in 6 weeks. My mother is concerned that she is going blind.
Is this something that can be cured?
Thank you
Kathleen Petersen
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She likely has wet macular degeneration at this point (other possibilities would be diabetic bleeding or a stroke to the eye).  The injections have helped us tremendously in treating these problems but are not a cure in most cases.  They reverse and stop vision loss to a certain extent.  She is likely a lot better off with the injections than she would have been other wise.  If you have any doubts, you could always get a second opinion from another retina specialist to see if all is being done by current day standards of care.  Some surgeons give the injections every 4 weeks to begin with but 6 is not unreasonable either if it is helping.

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