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bloodshot painful eyeball with white growth

Today I had severe, sudden pain in my left eye and now have a bulbous white lesion near my iris. Both my eyes have been irritated and bloodshot for about a month and a half. The lesion is circled by bloodshot areas. Last summer I noticed a growth on my right eye and that day I also had sudden and surprisingly severe pain in that eye. An opthalmologic assistant told me that the first lesion was probably a pterygium. How worried should I be?
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Yes, this lesion sounds like it could be an inflamed pterygium, however, you should not be having pain.  Pain is never a good sign when it comes to your eyes and requires prompt attention.  See your ophthalmologist as soon as possible and use lots of artificial tears, lubricating ointment and possibly some cool compresses in the meantime.  Have it looked at right away.

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