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should i go with 'crystalens' or the older hard lens for cataract replacement.  a different opthamology doc says no, it's(crystalens) too early and many problems.  The doc that recommending Crystalens....does he make more $$'s rather than the older procedure that's been done to millions with a v high success rate.. i don't mind reading glasses..     I would appreciate any opinions or experiences that you would like to share.
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Dear Dr

I have just had a SN60WF installed into my right eye.  I am a little disappointed as it is not good clarity at any range (my surgeon said it should be good at 6 mtrs but it is not) and terrible up close also I would like to be free of reading glasses.

How are you finding the new Crystalens AO?

Do you think I could get my current lens replaced with this one?

I work at a job with fine detail needed and also like outdoor sports, I would like to get back into Archery as well but for the last few years have been unable to participate at my local club due to poor eysight in the right eye (I am right handed).  
My wish list is 1. No need for glasses (I love reading) 2.Good night  vission 3. no complations.
Obviously I am not going to get this with my current SN60WF.

Unfortunately my surgeon did not discuss anything with me before hand. He just said "you need surgery as you have a cataract" and booked me in. I followed like a sheep not knowing any better that there were many options available.
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It really depends on the experience of the doctor.  The same has been said about new technology not adopted by some doctors.  It took over 25 years until phaco mulsification cataract was done by 50% of the ophthalmologist.

My personal perference is the Crystalens AO and I have one in one of my eyes.  It will be available for general release on 1/1/2010.  Many doctors would not have recommended it due to my history of retinal detachment surgery.  I also had an epiretinal membrane peel so a multifocal IOL would have been a poor option.

Dr. O
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