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eye botox injection

I had a botox injection in my left eye.  my eye has not been alligned, but has gone in.  I now have double vision when i look straight ahead or toward the left.

However, when i look towards the right, the eyes are aligned properly and I don't get double vision.

Is it normal for the eye to go in?

I thought these injections had very accurate results, I was aware that I could get double vision, but is this because my eyes are not aligned properly?

Had the eyes been aligned properly would i still get double vision?

As the effect of the botox wears out, will the eye go back to its original position and will the double vision dissapear?

Mrs H.

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I'm sorry but the effect of the botox will wear off after 3-6 months.  You need to have a long talk with your ophthalmologist to discuss all the details of your specific case.  I don't understand why surgery was not an option?

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