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eyes see different colours?

Its very subtle, but I was reading a post about all those people who see a ''warm'' tone in one eye and a ''cold'' tone in the other, all saying they've had it since childhood and no one had a answer why. I tested and realised I can notice this difference and remembering noticing it when I was younger too, I'm 23 now and have been to a ophthalmologist every 6months-1 year all my life and although I've never brought it up, they've never said anythings wrong. I asked my partner if she could and to my surprise, she said one eye sees ''cooler'' colours and they other sees ''warmer''.. this is all slight, not noticable unless it's on a blank wall and hyper-aware. any answer?
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The first thing I would stop is worrying about it.  In older people this is almost always due to  cataracts or eye pathology.   Paired organs are not clones. If hearing is tested even in young healthy person one ear usually hears better,  if muscle strength is checked one arm is stronger than the other.  Your observations could easily be explained a number of ways.  1. physiological variation (as just mentioned) with more color receptors (cones) in one eye  2. subtle injury or inflamation with tiny amount of damage to the macula or one eye.   3.  a history at some point of mild optic neuritis in one eye.  With it stable, move on, an annual exam is enough.  
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