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Hi, I had a tetraflex intraocular lens implanted on my left eye on Tuesday .Unfortunately this has not been successful.My surgeon has stated that either the "haptic" edge has not opened and/or oriented correctly or there is some residue behind the lens which will dissapate. I am due to see the surgeon tomorrow and as there has been no significant improvement the liklehood is that the lens is not fitting correctly rather than the some residue as this would have dissapated by now.
I understand the surgeon will try to realign the lens, however I thought that he should extract this lens and implant a new one. Can anyone tell me if this problem is common and what is the best procedure to take to ensure a successful outcome
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I have no idea what you are talking about concerning residue behind the lens.  That makes no sense at all and sounds very abnormal - so I am perplexed and concerned.  You can have the lens re-positioned or removed and replaced with a monofocal lens.  I don't know why the lens itself would be replaced with the same model lens - that would be a strange idea since the first one had so many problems.  In the end since you chose to use this lens rather than a more conventional lens, so you are basically are in the hands of your surgeon at this point.  I suspect there are few surgeons in your area that have expertise with this type of problem.  They may be learning as they go to some degree.  I wish you well.  You may want to consider getting a monofocal aspheric lens like tecnis or similar lens.

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