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one eyelid feels puffy, thick, slightly swollen

A year or so ago I got a cold that would not go away for weeks! and had to treat with antibiotics, (sinusitis?) and my eyelid did get a hard bump and was swollen, the bump went down slowly within months, but to this day there is a slight swelling on the eyelid and thickness I feel never went away, and its been more than a year! Some days it is more swollen than others.

My left eyelid has felt kind of swollen constantly for months. Looking at both eyelids you can't really see it , except looking really close you can see that the left eyelid looks very slightly fatter, thicker, and slightly swollen. There are no vision problems and the whites of the eye are white. There never was any sign of redness on the either the actual eyeball or the lids. No problem with the functioning of the eyelid, it opens and closes fine. It feels sort of like it could be related to sinus pressure on that side, but I don't know. I feel some occasional sinus aches but they are mild and not constant and I would normally just brush this sort of pain off. Could there be a sinus problem that might cause a symptom like this on one side like that?  There's no green or yellow discharge or fever or anything like that.

I did get my eyes checked like three months ago for a different concern, and there was a noted slight pressure on the eye, the dr then checked my  eye (not with dilation) and dismissed it. Said maybe I hadn't set my face correctly on the machine that checks pressure. Didn't leave me feeling less calm!

Any help is appreciated, Thank you

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You should go see an ophthalmologist/ eye MD.  They can address both the eyelid issue and prescribe appropriate treatment and check into the pressure issue as that needs to be further evaluated.

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