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red, dry, flakey skin around my right eye

Hi there can someone please help me?
I am a 23 year old male who has been struggling with skin problems around my right eye, for three years now. I have been to several different docters who diagnosed it as bacterial infection, fungal infection and exema. I have tryed all of the treatments and nothing has worked for me. I also suffer from pollen alergies but my eye condition is all year round. My lower aye lid is slightly swolen and wrinkles have formed. while my upper eyelid is very red, and the skin is flaking.I also have one small pimple like lump on my upper eyelid which will not pop. Currently I am using a scentless moisturiser which helps with the flaking but if anything makes my eye slightly more red. I am very self concious from this disorder especially when talking to someone and they strat rubbing their eyes. Can some one please give me advice. Thank You
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One easy try is to use Aquaphor ointment (available OTC), which I have found to be a useful "almost magic" treatment for unclear skin inflammation.

Have you ever been checked for ringworm?  Only ringworm medication kills ringworm.  It has a propensity to affect the skin around the eyes.  Three years is kind of long for a case to last but it is something to think about.

One other off-beat possibility is demodex infection.  This is a skin mite that lives in eyelashes and can cause a chronic type of eyelid inflammation called blepharitis.  This is usually more of a lid margin and eyelash problem than an eyelid skin problem.  But we are reaching for strange things here.

We you say you have tried "all the treatments" I am assuming that this includes a steroid cream and an eczema treatment such as Elidel.  I hope you have seen a dermatologist for the problem; they can do skin scrapings which can reveal the answer, sometimes.  good luck.
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