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sand in my eyes

In this last year I have had my vision deteriorating. From a wow 20/20 to an- arm- length -and- not- enough to read the back of a restorant receipt.....in the evening I notice a disturbing sensation like sand in the under-eyes, inside and sometimes on the upper inner lids. At times also vision it gets blurry and sticky.
I am out no were here and I am using lemon..hot water with sal..garlic. It sting a bit but it helps for a wile. Then it returns.
Does any one knows of such strange sand feeling in the cavity/orbit around the eye/pupill?
It does not come out on search I have made circa catarats glaucoma and/or macular deterioration.

Thank you graciously
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Thank You Dr Hagan,
I am almost 50 and it is reliving to know that is just presbyopia. I never knew that the diminishing of the vision was accompanied by symptoms such as sand's granules sensations.

I will get to a ophthalmologist within the year. THANK YOU GRACIOUSLY
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If you are in your late 30s or early 40s it probably represents presbyopia which is the normal loss of focus power due to age. Its treated with glasses usually for reading but sometimes with bifocals.

In any case you need to see an eye md ophthalmologist for an exam.

Find one at www.aao.org

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