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scratchy watery eye

My right eye is very painful in one spot.  It feels like something is in my eye and is scratching my eyelid.  I have been to my dr. and he cannot see anything in my eye or eyelid.  It will last about a day and then I am fine for 3-4 weeks and it happens again.  

If I rub my eye while it is sore, it feels like a sharp jab with a sharp object has been poked to my eye.  Can you help me?

Thank you
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Have you injured your eye? Do you wear contacts? What is your age? What is your state of general health? Do your eyes or mouth feel more or less constantly dry? Have you had eyelid surgery? Any type of eye surgery? Does this sharp pain wake you up from sleep? Or does it hurt most in the morning when you open your eyes?  

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I have not injured my eye and I haven't worn contact for over 20 years.  I am 46 and in good health otherwise.  I have noticed some dryness, but not a lot.  I have not had any surgery done to my eyes or eyelids.  This morning around 4 am is the first time I have woke up from the pain, but all of the other times it has been when I first open my eyes.
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Your problem sounds like a recurrent corneal erosion. Use the search feature on this website and also Google to learn more about the condition. To confirm the diagnosis you will need to see an ophthalmologist. Here is a previous post on the condition:
You have "recurrent corneal erosion syndrome". The condition is common and will not destroy your sight or cause serious loss of vision. It has been discussed in the past in the eye care forums. Use the search feature and type in "corneal erosions".

Here is part of a recent post on the problem:

Recurrent corneal erosions are the bane of the practice of ophthalmology for both the ophthalmologist (Eye MD) and the poor patient. I saw 2 of them in the office today. They can be very difficult and recalcitrant to treat. Not infrequently they are controled with drops and ointments but reoccur if these medications are stopped. I'm sure you're well versed on the medical and preventive treatment of corneal erosions. The next step is what you're having----corneal stromal micro-punctures.

If the problem persists then you may need to discuss these treatments with your ophthalmologist. He/she should be able to do the first method. The second he/she may or may not be able to do, sometimes referral to a cornea specialist is indicated.

1. There is a new method of treatment when all else fails. It involves taking oral tetracycline for a couple of weeks coupled with steroid eye drops. If your ophthalmologist is not familiar with the method he/she can do a literature search of the medical ophthalmology journals. The first time I read of it was in the journal "Ophthalmology". I have used this method on two patients that were "at their wits end and had tried everything else. In both cases it worked. I still have them use an ointment at bedtime such as Muro 128 or Genteal Gel but the severe pain has stopped.

2. The last technique would be to use the eximer laser to "resurface" the corneal epethelium and soft contact lens wear during the healing. This technique is most often used when the cornea has disease that keeps causing the erosions, the most common of these is corneal epethelial basement membrane disorder.

Keep trying and good luck.
JCH III MD    Ophthalmologist = Eye MD
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Thank you so much for your help.  I will call my eye dr. tomorrow.
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Really useful.

I'm 25 and I have exactly the same sensation in my left eye. I feel like if something was sticked in my eyelid between it and the eye. I started feeling it 2 nights ago without any apparent reason as I was awake and suddenly I felt like if something got into my eye.

I've tried to clean it with saline solution to see if it removes some dirt or any particles without luck. I see now that this couldn't really be any solid sticked there.

Ok, so it has been around 36 hours since this started and I feel like it is slowly getting better. Would that be too dangerous if I wait until tomorrow to see if the sensation keeps disappearing before I see a doctor?

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I am having similar issues as above, however, I have been using dry eye solutions to clean my eye and around my eye, to see ifanything is stuck , but no luck. The only difference from the people described above is that when I use the drops, it actually burns my eye and my eye is really, really red and pink. Then it goes back to its normal color and then it gets red again. But the feeling remains the same. This is the first time that this has happened to me, when there is nothing visible in my eye, causing the problem.  Please Help.
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