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swollen eyelid and pain

Hello, it started yesterday with a swollen tearduct (however its spelled) and this morning I woke up and my top eyelid is swollen along with the tearduct that is even more swollen than yesterday. There  is pain and minor burning. I don't notice and red bumps on either upper or lower eyelids, no red bumps on the inside of the lower eyelid (like webmd said for a symptom.) I do have allergies, but very minor and they haven't been bugging me recently. Also my eye vision doesn't seem to have changed.
Do you have any idea what could be causing this problem?
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Could be a chalazion.  Warm moist compresses 5 minutes four times a day for starters and see ophthalmologist tomorrow as soon as possible.  Of course, I am not your doctor and cannot know exactly what you have or give you specific treatment advice - just giving you good advice to see an ophthalmologist right away.

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