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why does only my right eye water???

I have had tests for my tear duct and it is clear and they can't see anything wrong but my right eye always waters.
I have hayfever and i think it is a allergy but why only my right eyes water??

What can i do to stop it??
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It could have something to do with the position and condition of the lower eyelid.  It could be something as simple as having more wind and sun exposure on that side.  Perhpaps the nasolacrimal duct opens only with forceful irrigation and you have a "functional blockage."  Have your ophthalmologist do everything possible to make that right eye happy and comfortable and unfortunately, IF there is no blockage in the nasolacrimal duct and eyelid is normal, then you might not be able to do much more other making sure all allergies, dry eye syndrome, irritations etc are corrected.  

Michael Kutryb, MD
Board-Certified Ophthalmologist
Titusville, FL
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