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slightly low hct, hgb,rbc

My 5 yr old daughter had a cbc done with the following results
wbc 6.9 k/ul   4.8-10.8
lymph  2.5 k/ul  1.2-3.4 k/ul
mid .6 k/ul    .1-.6 k/ul
granulytes  3.7 k/ul   1.4-6.5
lymph  37.0%      20.5-51.1%
mid%   9.4%         1.7-9.3   high
gran%   53.6%       42.2-75.2
rbc  3.98 m/ul       3.80 - 6.10  almost low
hgb  11.5 g/ul       11.5-13.5  almost low
hct  33.3%          35.0-45.0  low
mcv   84 fl        81-89 fl
mchc  34.6 g/dl     32.0-37.0
rdw   11.8%          11.5-14.5
platelet 210 k/ul     130-400
mpv  8.5 fl       7.4-10.4

We were told to eat more green veggies. After doing some research it looks like it may not be iron related because of the normal mcv.
Is this something we should be concerend about? If so what would the appropriate next step/ next test be?  Can you tell from the above results that this is in fact an iron anemia issue? If further testing is recomended would you use a pediatrition or hemotologist?

My 3 yr old son had his cbc done as well. the only thing abnormal was wbc  11.5 k/ul   with a range of 4.8-10.8
and lymph  5.6 k/ul  range of 1.2-3.4
and mcv  79 fl  randge of 80-97  

If possible please let me know if we need to be concerned.

Thanks for the help
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The values are mildly low - you can consider repeating them to ensure this isn't lab error.

If low, a blood smear would have to be evaluated (i.e. looking at the sample under a microscope).  You can also consider a reticulocyte count to ensure there isn't any supression of the bone marrow.

If iron deficiency is a concern, you can order iron studes (iron and ferritin levels, as well as total iron binding capacity) to rule out this possibility.  

These options can be discussed with your pediatrician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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